Americans Overwhelmingly Approve Gas Cars Over EVs

Max kegfire /
Max kegfire /

Even if electric vehicles (EVs) were to cost the same and have the same features as gas-powered vehicles, Americans would still prefer the latter by a wide margin. That’s according to the results of the first KPMG American Perspective Survey. Despite everything that the Biden White House and the automotive industry are telling us, electric cars simply not catching the public’s eye when it comes to vehicle buying perspectives.

The survey talked to 1,100 adults about their perspectives on the economy, their personal financial situation, energy, and automobiles. The results were lopsided in opposition to the EVs that Joe Biden insists are the “future” of the industry.

If costs and features were identical, survey respondents were asked which type of vehicle they would most prefer to buy. A plurality of 38% chose gas-powered vehicles, 34% chose hybrids, and only 21% selected EVs.

The survey also indicated a big gap between what auto industry executives believe the public wants versus what the public actually wants. The auto industry believes that only 41% of car buyers want an electric car that can fully charge in 20 minutes or less. Of the customers who prefer EVs, however, 60% want charging times that fast (which don’t exist with current technology).

Politics is also a major reason why most people are rejecting EVs. The practice of using black children for slave labor to procure the heavy metals and materials needed for EV batteries is morally repugnant to most Republicans. Only 31% of GOP voters say they have favorable opinions of EVs.

Meanwhile, Democrats have never had a problem using black children for slave labor. A full 66% of liberal voters have a positive opinion of EVs, despite the horrifying methods of procuring the metals to create them.