Biden Admin to Address Border Crisis—Only Took Them How Long?

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

The Biden administration is gearing up to unveil a significant border executive action as soon as Tuesday. According to insiders, the timing remains flexible. White House officials have contacted mayors of cities along the US southern border, potentially inviting them to join President Joe Biden when he announces this order.

For weeks, the administration has been fine-tuning an executive action that would significantly restrict migrants’ ability to seek asylum at the southern border. This move aims to tackle a vital issue head-on before the first presidential debate on June 27. The Biden team hopes to fend off Republican criticism on border security and preempt attacks from former President Donald Trump.

Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza shared that the administration contacted him on Saturday to attend a Tuesday event at the White House. This new order is expected to mirror a controversial Trump-era policy, leveraging authority under section 212(f) to curb illegal border crossings between ports of entry.

Reports suggest that officials planned to announce this executive action after Mexico’s recent election and before the debate. The timing is crucial, as Biden is set to travel to France on Wednesday. A White House spokesperson emphasized Biden’s commitment to border security, pointing out that while Congressional Republicans obstruct additional enforcement measures, Biden continues to fight for necessary resources.

Several Texas mayors have expressed frustration over the polarized immigration debate, mainly as tensions between Biden and Texas Governor Greg Abbott heat up. During Biden’s February trip to the southern border, he met with mayors from Edinburg, Brownsville, San Antonio, and Weslaco.

While no final decisions have been made on further executive actions, the White House is seizing an opportunity presented by a decline in border arrests this year, partly due to Mexico’s increased enforcement efforts. This brief lull allows Biden to address one of his most politically challenging issues before his reelection campaign.

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill are also pressuring Biden to make another border visit in the coming weeks. However, a White House spokesperson has indicated that no such trip is currently planned.

Recently, the administration has introduced various policy changes to deter migrants from coming to the US and to assure voters that they are serious about tightening border security. These measures include new guidelines and regulations to deny asylum to ineligible migrants and expedite court cases swiftly, all to keep border crossings low.