Biden Himself Orders Illegals Be Sent to San Diego

Dancestrokes /
Dancestrokes /

In an effort to hide the abysmal failure that has become of the southern border since Joe Biden became President, he has elected to follow the move of Republican leaders. Starting the movement of illegals from the border detention centers, he has been shipping them off to San Diego. The problem is that the federal, state, and private funding for keeping them has run out, and the city’s last migrant welcome center shuttered on February 22nd.

With few other options, these illegals are now roaming free on the streets of San Diego. No shelter exists for them, nor do any prospects or opportunities to make it. With over 42k illegals dumped by Border Patrol in San Diego County since December, officials are at their limit with this administration. San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson has pled with officials for more funding and assistance or to shut down the border for a bit to allow them to catch up. Instead, Biden just keeps bussing them in.

According to Border Patrol officials, they have no choice but to dump them in San Diego as they have no space or resources to keep them. Far beyond capacity, they allege they are taking as many as they can, but in the meantime, the country just needs to deal with it. In response, Republican San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond destroyed the Biden administration for their failure.

“The federal government must manage the mess they’ve created. We need the border to be secure and the laws to be upheld, including asylum cases to be heard on a case-by-case basis, not just mass released. But, in the meantime, if the federal government allows this to take place, they must fund the chaos they’ve created.”