Border Security Fiasco: Razor Wire Removed Along Rio Grande

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang /

A disturbing development has unfolded on our southern border as reports emerged that a section of the razor wire installed by the Texas National Guard had been taken down along the Rio Grande River. The incident occurred at Colonia Felipe Ángeles in Ciudad Juarez, directly across from the University of Texas at El Paso campus.

ABC-7 attempted to get clarity from multiple agencies – including the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Military, and the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC). Unfortunately, none have come forward with an explanation behind the removal nor acknowledged responsibility.

It’s worth noting that the original installation took place back in 2022 within close proximity to downtown areas like Paso del Norte Bridge connecting both cities. In recent months, we’ve seen little action following the Supreme Court ruling allowing federal officials to dismantle these barriers; however, only now do we see tangible results – albeit concerning ones.

Let us recall the initial purpose of installing such deterrents: preventing unauthorized crossings onto American soil.

Without the razor wire, there’s no deterrent. That means that it’s even easier for illegals to cross into Texas and begin demanding benefits from the Biden administration – benefits that the Democrats are likely to hand over without any questions asked.