Democrat Candidate Caught Committing Another Racist Hate Hoax for Votes

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voronaman /

Taral Patel is the Democrat candidate running for Precinct 3 Commissioner in Fort Bend, Texas. He’s an impressive guy with close ties to Joe Biden. Unfortunately, people identifying themselves as supporters of Patel’s Republican opponent have been harassing him by posting racist messages on Facebook and other social media platforms. The Texas Rangers conducted a full investigation to find out who these hateful MAGA bigots were—and you’ll never guess what happened next!

Patel used to work for the Biden Department of Justice in the Public Integrity Sector. Joe Biden also appointed him to work in the Office of White House Liaison. Now that he’s running for a local office in Texas, however, Patel has been subjected to a horrifying campaign of racist hatred from those MAGA people.

Starting back in September, people who identified themselves as Fort Bend residents started posting racist, Hindu-phobic, and anti-immigrant messages on Patel’s Facebook feed. The MAGA racists even posted disgusting insults against Patel’s family members and colleagues.

“That crosses a line,” Patel said when announcing to the world that he’s a victim of heinous MAGA hate.

Patel’s opponent, Republican Commissioner Andy Meyers, encouraged law enforcement to track down the vicious racists to see who they were. So, they did!

After an exhaustive investigation that took nearly nine months, the Texas Rangers have arrested Taral Patel. Rangers say Patel spent months creating fake social media accounts that looked like Republican supporters of his opponent. They say he even went so far as to use photographs of unsuspecting Fort Bend residents to try to make the fake accounts look more realistic.

Patel has been charged with Online Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity.

Congratulations, Patel! You’re now the Jussie Smollett of Texas politics and the voters aren’t going to forget!