Despite Swearing He’d Never Do It, DeSantis About To Hit the Trail for Trump

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When Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) gave up his candidacy for President of the United States in January, it seemed clear that he would not support President Trump’s efforts. Even in late March, he was reluctant to speak out for The Donald. Then came what many categorized as an initially uncomfortable three-hour meeting of the minds in late April. Held behind closed doors, FL real estate tycoon Steve Witkoff acted as host at his Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Florida.

Now, out of nowhere, Gov. DeSantis is ready to get back out there and schlep for donations to the Trump campaign. While details of his involvement in the fundraising are still under wraps, leaks to the Associated Press say that DeSantis is suddenly calling his donors. As he hits the lines, his finance team is allegedly planning a trip for the Governor across Texas and Florida.

While he pulled the plug on his campaign early, DeSantis has a fundraising network that is nearly unrivaled in American politics. His connections with various conservative groups and veterans organizations, thanks to his time with the US Navy SEALs as a lawyer, make him a strategic asset for raising money.

After Trump’s previous plans to shun public campaign funding, he has had to focus a significant portion of his wealth away from the campaign to defend himself in court. Using DeSantis’ connections to eliminate the problems Trump’s charges present in campaigning and gives him a strategic connection to campaign capital he never used in the past. With the massive push toward Trump taking out Biden in the 2024 election, the addition of DeSantis is not just good politics. It’s smart business the Trump way.