Judge Axes NY Abortion Rights Measure

rawf8 / shutterstock.com
rawf8 / shutterstock.com

According to Democrats throughout the US, the “right” to abortion is now at risk nationwide, and not just in red states. Apparently, it’s even a problem in deep blue New York, especially now that one judge just blocked the issue from being added to the November ballot.

As the New York Post reported, Democratic legislators have a pro-abortion question they would like to ask in November. If enough people agree with it, it could drastically alter the lives of thousands statewide.

But State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle just said it couldn’t be on the ballots.

Now, of course, he didn’t do so because of what the question is. Rather, it’s an issue of legality. Apparently, the legislators pushing the measure didn’t obtain a legal opinion from the state Attorney General Letitia James’ office before approving it.

Naturally, this is a huge win for pro-lifers in the state, as well as Republicans in general.

As you likely know, New York already has some of the most lenient abortion laws in the nation, giving protections for both abortions and abortionists. However, given the current Democratic president and how things are going in the polls, the fear is that not as many Democrats will turn out to the polls this year.

So party officials want to change that, making an issue out of something that shouldn’t be.

Of course, should the measure, known as the Equal Rights Amendment, be added to the ballot, it could mean some major changes are coming.

For one, the language of it would basically make it illegal for parents to deny a minor’s request for an abortion or other “health” services, including “transgender” procedures.

The measure would ask state residents if they approve of adding language to the state constitution ensuring that people could not be denied rights based on “ethnicity, national origin, age, and disability” or “sex, including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and reproductive healthcare and autonomy.”

Should enough residents say yes, it would also force schools to “permit biological males to compete on girls’ sports teams,” the Coalition to Protect Kids said. They added that it could “open the floodgates” to government inference in family life.

For now, the measure will not be on the ballot. Of course, Democrats plan to appeal the ruling. So, who knows if and when it could be on the ballot anyway?

We can hope and pray not…