Kennedy Campaign Asserts Eligibility for Over 270 Electoral College Votes

Maxim Elramsisy /
Maxim Elramsisy /

Guess who’s playing the ‘electoral vote’ game? None other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr.! His campaign bragged on Friday about meeting the minimum requirements to be a contender for those coveted 270 electoral votes in November. Running as an Independent, Kennedy’s been busy gathering autographs in 19 states, already securing a spot on nine ballots. The other ten states? Well, they’re still inspecting the signatures, but Kennedy’s aiming for a perfect score of 50 states. Someone’s certainly playing to win!

The campaign marked the milestone after submitting signatures in Minnesota, adding ten electoral votes to Kennedy’s tally. According to Nick Brana, Senior Advisor and Ballot Access Director, it’s a significant win made possible by the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteers nationwide. He emphasized that November will offer a rare chance for voters to choose an independent candidate committed to ending conflicts, dismantling corporate influence, and promoting affordability.

Kennedy, considered a dark horse candidate, could draw enough votes from both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to act as a spoiler. However, due to his long history as a registered Democrat, he is seen as a stronger potential spoiler for Biden.

Kennedy and his running mate Nicole Shanahan have qualified for the ballot in Utah, Michigan, California, Delaware, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida, with the approval in Florida occurring on Friday.

“Thank you, Minnesota volunteers! We have now exceeded 270 electoral votes — a momentous milestone for the campaign,” Kennedy posted on X. His campaign team has also submitted the necessary signatures in New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and now Minnesota.

According to his campaign, if approved in all 19 states, Kennedy could be eligible for up to 278 electoral votes, which is 52% of the 538 electoral votes available.