Louisiana Becomes the 28th State to Pass Constitutional Carry

Ingo70 / shutterstock.com
Ingo70 / shutterstock.com

Gun owners in Louisiana received some good news on Tuesday when their state became the 28th in the nation to allow Constitutional Carry. Lawful gun owners in Louisiana are now allowed to carry a concealed firearm without having to first obtain permission from the government through a permit.

Republican Gov. Jeff Landry campaigned on a promise to shepherd a Constitutional Carry bill into law. He signed Senate Bill 1 into law on Tuesday, making it legal for anyone over 18 to carry a concealed firearm in Louisiana, so long as they’re not a convicted felon, an illegal alien invader, or another type of disqualified person.

“It’s fundamentally clear — law-abiding citizens should never have to seek government permission to safeguard themselves and their families. Today, we have secured an incredible victory for liberty in Louisiana,” said Landry at the signing ceremony.

The anti-gun lobby always squawks about how it’s going to turn into the Wild West and there will be bodies piled in the streets because of Constitutional Carry, but that’s never happened in any state. Violent crime always declines in states after people are allowed to defend themselves against criminals.

Ohio, for example, was the most recent state to pass Constitutional Carry before Louisiana. Their law went into effect in 2022. Since then, violent crime has declined in the six major metropolitan areas across the state.

More Americans are finally waking up to the fact that concealed-carry permits are a violation of the Second Amendment. If you have to obtain a permit from the government to exercise your Second Amendment right, then you don’t have that right in the first place. Concealed-carry permits, by their very nature, are unconstitutional. Imagine having to buy a permit before you are allowed to speak freely in America. That’s what concealed-carry permits amount to.

Congratulations to Louisiana gun owners! You are now free to move about your state while strapped.