Mystery: How Did Mitch McConnell’s Communist Sister-in-Law Actually Die This Week?

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The sad news broke on Monday that Sen. Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law had died in a car accident in Texas the day before. All the reports initially said that Angela Chao, a card-carrying member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), had been struck by a careless driver who ran a red light. It was tragic, right up until it got weird. If you look for the red light story, you’ll find that MSNBC and all the other news outlets that initially reported on Chao’s death have erased and replaced it. The new story is that McConnell’s sister-in-law died when she backed her Tesla into a pond.

Angela Chao was the sister of Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao. She was currently the CEO of a shipping firm called Foremost Group. The company has major holdings in China. Angela was also a board member of the state-owned Bank of China. In order for Angela Chao to be such a successful businesswoman in her native homeland of China, there is a 100% certainty that she was a member of the CCP.

Mitch McConnell, of course, is an out-of-touch US Senator who lives a life of splendor because he is swimming in Chinese cash. He entered the Senate while poor, and today he and his Chinese wife are fabulously wealthy due to one of those mysteries of the universe—namely, that public servants in Washington, D.C. somehow end up filthy, stinking rich while living on a six-figure salary.

The media is reporting nothing new in this story after they changed the initial one. The family isn’t releasing any details, and neither is the Texas Department of Public Safety which is investigating. This leaves us no choice but to wildly speculate about what could have happened.

Does everyone remember former Senator Harry Reid from Nevada? He used to be the leader of the Senate Democrats. He was always pushing pork projects for his home state that involved Chinese energy companies investing in America, like solar panels and other junk. Sometimes, Harry Reid would win those battles to financially benefit the CCP, and sometimes, he would lose them, and the legislation wouldn’t pass.

On multiple occasions when Harry Reid lost those votes, he showed up the next day on the Senate floor with bumps and bruises and a black eye. The excuse was always that Reid had gotten tangled up in his exercise equipment. Maybe that’s what happened. But an honest person has to admit that it’s possible that something more sinister was going on due to Harry Reid doing business with the CCP.

Now fast-forward to this situation with Mitch McConnell. Did he do anything to disappoint his Chinese benefactors this week, just out of curiosity?

Why, yes! Indeed, he did!

McConnell successfully shepherded yet another multi-billion-dollar aid package through the Senate to fund the war in Ukraine. That’s actually a good thing for China since they’re the main ones who benefit if Joe Biden continues impoverishing and weakening America with that stupid war.

But the aid package also contained military funding for Taiwan, which the CCP is eagerly hoping to capture while Joe Biden is still in office. China couldn’t have liked that. The CCP might have to punish someone if they specifically asked that the aid bill not contain military funding for Taiwan.

Here are some questions we’d like to throw out. We’re not accusing anyone of anything. We’re just asking questions.

If the CCP wanted to send a message to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who would they most likely choose to be the messenger?

If someone failed to fulfill the wishes of the CCP, would it be willing to retaliate by murdering someone?

Aren’t Teslas built in China?

Doesn’t China have a history of corporate and electronic espionage?

Is it possible that China has installed backdoor software in Tesla vehicles that would allow their military to take control of one of those cars and—for example—back it into a pond?