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POLL: What Are Your Biggest Health Concerns?

Health should be a top priority. Do you have health concerns that keep you up at night? Take our poll now: Can't see the poll? Click...
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The Roadmap to Becoming a “Super Saver”: A Key to Securing Your Golden Years

In this era of uncertainty, where concerns surrounding America's looming retirement crisis continue to mount, a beacon of hope emerges amidst the chaos. Recent...
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Protecting Justice: The Gunfight Outside Sonia Sotomayor’s Home

A dramatic incident unfolded in Washington, DC, as US Marshals shot a teenager after allegedly attempting to carjack federal officers outside the residence of...
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Segregation: Joe’ Biden’s Secret War on Black Female Leaders Exposed

In a circus of egos, "Segregation Joe" Biden adamantly refuses to relinquish his seat, believing his legacy transcends the call for racial harmony. Amidst...
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Luxury Hotels in NYC Pocket $1B from Taxpayers for Illegals

New Yorkers are fuming as they shoulder a hefty financial burden, with over $1 billion funneled into turning former luxury hotels into accommodations for...
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Border Security Fiasco: Razor Wire Removed Along Rio Grande

A disturbing development has unfolded on our southern border as reports emerged that a section of the razor wire installed by the Texas National...
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Should Harris Replace Biden?

There's a lot of action happening...and it's possible that Biden will either step down or be removed from his re-election campaign. What will happen to...
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Vote for Trump: Get the Truth About JFK Assassination Cover-Up

Former President Donald J. Trump believes that the CIA played a significant role in hiding documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy....
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WATCH: Drafting Women and Making It a Compulsory Registration?

There could be a war at any time, and the draft registration may soon include women. Watch now: https://youtu.be/oLER66z0Klc
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Social Anxiety in Adolescents Could Result in Higher Suicidal Ideation

Social anxiety happens to the best of us. However, it is higher in today's generation of adolescents. And a new study shows that this...