Officials Find Hunter Biden Tracks in the Capitol

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An unprompted statement from the United States Capitol Police (USCP) indicated that Hunter Biden may have been lurking around the Capitol. With one baggie of cocaine already found in the White House following a visit by Hunter Biden in July 2023, it appears that the President’s son is leaving his tracks in a government building once again.

“The small bag was found on the floor of a hallway inside USCP headquarters. The hallway is on the second floor in an area that has been a staging spot for furniture and supplies. The area is heavily trafficked by various contractors and employees. It is also near offices such as Prisoner Processing, Crime Scene, Intel, and Reports Processing.”

USCP concluded their statement by indicating that it was discovered around 1 pm by one of their officers, who then radioed the report to their supervisor. Immediately field tested, it returned a positive result for cocaine. Opening an investigation, they say they will now be DNA testing the bag, much like they claim to have done to the bag found in the White House. During that investigation, no evidence of who dropped the baggie was announced, and experts aren’t holding their breath for anyone to be named this time either.

For decades before the Biden years, drugs were not popping up inside federal buildings multiple times in less than a year. While it’s no secret that some officials have been caught using, they were smart enough to never get caught having them on their person at work. Now, it seems like going skiing is just a part of working in Washington, just like it was on Wall Street in the 1980s.