Tennessee Teachers Get Cleared To Be Armed in Class

Africa Studio / shutterstock.com
Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

With a roar of protest from outraged liberals in attendance, the Tennessee House of Representatives increased the safety in their schools. Passing a bill for teachers to be armed in the classrooms, many in attendance believe that this, in turn, places the blame for school shootings on the teachers and those who voted for it. This comes after three students and three teachers were left dead at the hands of a deranged transgendered individual at The Covenant School in Nashville.

As State Senator Ken Yager (R-TN) tried explaining, this isn’t about killing kids for acting out or even as an equalizer for more aggressive kids. “We are not trying to shoot a student but protect a student from an active shooter whose sole purpose is to get in that school and kill people.” This logic has unfortunately fallen on deaf ears as the liberals refuse to consider any scenario besides kids being killed when guns are in the same building.

Cathy Barnett, a volunteer with the Tennessee Chapter of Moms Demand Action, is one of very few who asked simple, common-sense questions. In a statement following its passage, she asked about the plans for proper storage of the firearms and ensuring kids are unable to access them. She alleges that when this topic has been brought up, nobody is willing or able to answer these questions.

Written as an expansion of a bill already in effect that allows officers and private security working at the school to be armed on school campuses, it is a major change. It still needs the Governor’s signature to go into effect, but the bill has some teeth. For teachers to carry, they would need to have a concealed carry license (and a comfortable holster), as well as have the support of the principal and other officials. Teachers would remain confidential about their choice to carry or not, too.