1,300 African Migrants Showed at City Hall After Being Duped on a Promise

Syndi Pilar / shutterstock.com
Syndi Pilar / shutterstock.com

According to a piece from the New York Post on April 16th, a massive rush was made, with only a fraction of the mob allowed in and the rest left wanting.

“About 1,300 African migrants gathered outside City Hall Tuesday morning hoping to appear at a hearing on the black experience in the city shelter system — with some saying they were promised work visas or green cards if they showed. Only 250 people were allowed inside for the 10 a.m. hearing, while the hundreds of others who flocked downtown were left outside in a park, where footage showed them chanting and cheering. The crowd was mostly made up of new arrivals from Guinea, in West Africa, and were apparently drawn to City Hall by an activist group,” said a source.

Dozens claimed that they had shown up after being told by other migrants about the opportunity to get a work visa or green card just by showing up. Some in the crowd said that they were only there for the cards and didn’t want to attend the hearing. Given how the hearing didn’t apply to some of them, it makes sense they didn’t want to attend. Many claimed that they had applied for their work permits weeks and even months before and were astounded that they still hadn’t heard back.

At the meeting held by the City Council’s Committee of Immigration and Committee on Hospitals, they wanted to hear about migrants’ experiences as they navigated language and cultural barriers and get feedback on having their medical needs met. Noting that so far, they are frontloading Spanish and English speakers as that’s all they have help for, they claim they are trying to get it right.

This kind of assembly on such short notice should alarm every American. As the mainstream media has been glossing over, many of these illegal migrants are not families. They are not women and children. Rather, they are military-aged men and capable of forming an adequate force. Make no mistake, there will come a time when they rise up, and at that point, our cities are going to be up a creek without a paddle.