Alabama Judge Rushed to Hospital After Known Thug, His Son, Shoots Him

Bryant Jayme /
Bryant Jayme /

Judge Johnny Hardwick, Montgomery County’s Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Judge, was shot down by his son Khalfani Hardwick in his Montgomery, AL home. Occurring during a domestic dispute on February 24th, he was rushed to a local hospital, where he underwent immediate emergent surgery for his serious wounds. His son fled the scene in a truck, which he left five miles away from the shooting. Found 45 minutes later, and just 1 mile from his vehicle, he was arrested by local law enforcement, but charges have yet to be made public.

Preliminary investigations have yet to uncover the root cause for the argument between the two, or precisely how many times he got shot or how many rounds were fired. They also did not identify anyone else who may have been residing in the home or present during the dispute. Nor was there any information provided regarding other potential suspects/witnesses, or anything that may have been stolen or damaged during the dispute.

A convicted felon, Khalfani is not unfamiliar with committing murder. Back in 2014, he was the trigger man in the death of Clayton Riley, where he accepted a plea for second-degree assault as opposed to the original attempted murder charge. Never serving a day behind bars, Khalfani is another in a long list of children who simply failed to live up to expectations given their background.

For years now, people have maintained that people like Khalfani don’t learn their lesson when being given a lesser charge instead of facing the full extent of their crimes. As this shooting proves, without real consequences, there isn’t real change.