Cartel Now Downing Mexican Choppers; US Forces Next?

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Kicking off March with a blast, cartel gunmen utilized numerous high-powered rifles to down a helicopter in the Mexican state of Michoacan. Providing overwatch as Mexican Soldiers hunted the cartel gunmen, the helicopter was fired upon multiple times, with several of the rounds striking. Staying in the air as long as they could, the chopper was forced to make an emergency landing to save the lives of the crewmen. Unofficial reports indicate the pilots and other crew all sustained serious injuries from the emergency landing.

With gunmen now using IEDs and landmines that were commonly seen in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to machine guns with .50 caliber rounds. As these tricks of the trade were commonly used by insurgents on US troops, we must ask ourselves how long until they bring the fight here.

The US is one of the biggest consumers of the drugs coming out of Mexico, particularly the fentanyl and meth that is being manufactured over there. As GOP candidate Trump has promised, the fight against these drugs could very well be coming across the border and into Mexico as well. Either way, they won’t deal well with their loss in sales when he returns to office.

No matter what side of the border this happens on, we now know for sure the Mexican cartels have the gunmen and the firepower to down a helicopter. While the capability of it was never a true question, the decision-making and gall were.

Should they decide to start coming after US forces here on our side of the border, the result will be a hell like they could never fathom. As a nation, we cannot let the cartels keep flooding our border with people and drugs and firing upon us would be more than the line-stepping Biden has continuously allowed them to get away with. If that happens with Trump in office, though, Mexico will simply cease being a nation. It will just become the Southern half of the US.