Crack and Guns: Hunter Biden’s Exes Reveal the Truth

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Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial took a dramatic turn on June 5, with prosecutors dragging his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend into the courtroom to testify about his crack cocaine addiction. That’s right, folks, the President’s son is in hot water, and the details are jaw-dropping.

Prosecutors are pulling no punches, diving into Mr. Biden’s hefty cash withdrawals in 2018, along with a treasure trove of texts, photos, and videos showing him indulging in crack cocaine before and after he bought a gun on October 18, 2018. They’re aiming to show he knowingly lied on his gun application when he claimed he wasn’t a drug addict.

Hunter’s defense team, however, is painting a different picture, saying that all that cash went towards alcohol, rehab, and sobriety services. Sounds a bit convenient.

When his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle took the stand, she confirmed that Hunter was using both alcohol and crack cocaine at the same time. And it didn’t stop there. His ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan backed her up, testifying that Hunter was indeed using crack cocaine. Looks like Hunter’s defense is in a tough spot.

Let’s break this down. Hunter Biden is facing three felony charges from that 2018 gun purchase. The feds are accusing him of lying to the gun store by falsely stating he wasn’t a drug user and then illegally possessing the gun for 11 days.

Kathleen Buhle, now a nonprofit CEO in Washington, revealed that her marriage fell apart after finding a crack pipe on their porch in July 2015. After that discovery, Hunter moved out, and their relationship disintegrated, especially after she learned of his infidelity. She also mentioned that Hunter had previously been kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use. Despite his addiction, Buhle noted that he could still function in social and professional settings, which raises serious questions about his credibility.

Hunter’s defense attorneys have tried to argue that he couldn’t have been using crack cocaine at the time of the gun purchase, claiming there’s no such thing as a functioning crack addict. However, testimony from his ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, painted a different picture. She described meeting Hunter in January 2018, noting that his behavior remained unchanged whether he was high or sober. She even detailed how he would withdraw cash to buy drugs and how she helped him cook powder cocaine into crack.

Prosecutors spent significant time scrutinizing Hunter’s massive cash withdrawals in 2018, totaling about $399,000. They suggest this money funded his drug habit. In contrast, his attorneys argued these withdrawals were for alcohol purchases or rehab services, claiming he had switched from crack to alcohol by the time he bought the gun. However, prosecutors countered this by pointing out that liquor store purchases were made with a Visa card, suggesting the cash was used for drugs instead.

FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen testified that Hunter’s rehab payments were made with a debit card, leading prosecutors to question why he would need so much cash. “Do drug dealers accept credit cards?” they quipped, highlighting the implausibility of the defense’s claims.

While President Biden has stayed away from the courtroom, First Lady Jill Biden has been present daily. Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted, though first-time offenders often receive lighter sentences. Still, it’s a grim outlook for the President’s son, and only time will tell how the judge will rule.