Joy Reid Laments a Lack of Trump and Hitler Comparisons, But Biden’s Antics Are Closer to the Mark 

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There are many reasons to avoid watching The View, whether it’s the thinly disguised racism of Sunny Hostin or the obvious racism of Whoopi Goldberg, the constant bashing of the right and former President Donald Trump, or the incoherent, meaningless rants of Joy Reid, the harpy leading the show into obscurity and irrelevancy. 

Reid is known for her frequent breaks from reality. In her desire to discredit Trump, there is nothing she won’t say, regardless of how false or stupid it is. 

In a recent rant on her flailing show, Reid lamented that “no one was calling him a Nazi” after a Trump campaign ad, now deleted, appeared to show a flash of a newspaper clipping featuring the words “unified Reich.” The ad, made by a third-party and not the Trump campaign, was quickly taken down. Despite Trump’s campaign team having nothing to do with the ad, Reid pounced on it as proof of Trump’s “fascist views” and whined that “no one in the media” was talking about it. 

 “As per usual, much of the media is downplaying the fact that the Republican nominee is once again using Nazi language,” the co-host said, ignoring dozens of times that comparisons were erroneously drawn between MAGA supporters, Republicans, Trump, and Nazi Germany. 

MRC NewsBusters analysts examined news programming on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC from October 26, 2022, through October 26, 2023, to see how the media handles Nazi analogies from both the right and the left. In total, there were 192 Nazi analogies reported in one year’s worth of analysis alone. Of these, 88 came from the right, and 104 from the left. Among the analogies from the right, 80 (90.9%) were condemned, while only 29 (27.9%) of those from the left were condemned. 

Reid is proof of Godwin’s law, which states that “as a discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” This means that in heated debates or discussions, participants are increasingly likely to invoke comparisons to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the topic. 

For those looking to make comparisons between Trump and Hitler, the “proof” is in his words. But Trump seldom realizes that his words can be twisted to invoke Nazi Germany for those determined to do so. 

The Hitler regime and the actions of his Nazis, however, sit uncomfortably close to President Joe Biden and his administration, although conservative critics are less willing to use the same disgusting analogies that leftists do. 

The Nazis exercised strict control over all forms of media, censoring any anti-Nazi or alternative viewpoints. Similarly, the current administration tried to revive such control by creating the Disinformation Governance Board to combat misinformation, but it was dissolved after three weeks due to conservative criticism. Despite this, the left has continued to enforce unprecedented censorship of opposing viewpoints and maintain a tight grip on the media. 

Hitler believed that the future of any movement lay with the youth, and a similar movement today aims to diminish parental rights and control over children’s education. Those who criticize the progressive control of the education system are labeled “domestic terrorists.” Additionally, the Biden administration has targeted religion, labeling Catholics as terrorists and undermining religious unity. Faith-based communities, notably Catholics and Jews, have faced increased hostility from progressive factions. 

As Trump faces countless orchestrated legal battles, his supporters could draw parallels between the Nazi tactics of imprisoning political rivals and the current actions of the Biden administration. They argue that, like Hitler, Biden uses arrests, emergency decrees, and “legal reforms” to suppress political opposition, control voting, and centralize power. Historians may see a connection between the Biden administration’s handling of the January 6th protestors and the 1933 Reichstag arson incident at the German parliament shortly after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. After the Reichstag fire, Hitler used the event to arrest dissenters and eliminate political competition, thereby consolidating the Nazi Party’s control over Germany. 

Reid is among those who would condemn Trump as a Nazi based on words and a deliberate twisting of his intentions if he gains reelection. Meanwhile, Biden has gone far beyond a few misspoken words – his administration is actively seeking a Hitler-style power grab of the United States, fully supported by the media and the progressive left.