Quantico Shockwave: How a Security Breach Was Hidden from Our Own Marines

John M. Chase / shutterstock.com
John M. Chase / shutterstock.com

In a move that’s raising eyebrows, Quantico Marine Corps base leaders delayed informing their Marines about a severe security breach for two weeks. Two Jordanian nationals tried to force their way through Fuller Road Gate in a box truck on May 3 but were stopped by sentries.

The news first surfaced through a local news outlet and was subsequently verified by Captain Michael Curtis, the base spokesperson. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until May 16 that the Marines received official notification, prompting widespread concerns about the base’s transparency due to the significant delay.

Matt Strickland, who first alerted the media, shared that base employees were shocked when they found out. He criticized the delay, suggesting it was more about avoiding embarrassment than national security. Strickland, a former combat medic and intelligence analyst with extensive experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, emphasized that the public has a right to know about such incidents.

Speculation surrounds the identities of the men, with some claiming that they recently crossed the southern border and that one of them is on a terrorist watch list. However, these claims are unverified. Both men are currently in the custody of ICE, awaiting deportation.

Strickland, who is known for defying COVID-19 restrictions and is considered a local hero, expressed his concerns about the implications of this incident. He fears that the secrecy is part of a larger pattern of over-classifying information, especially when it involves sensitive issues like illegal immigration and national security.

He pointed out that while many migrants seek a better life, there are also those with malicious intent. Strickland’s experiences have taught him that attacks are often preceded by dry runs, making the breach attempt even more concerning.

This recent development should surprise no one; Strickland suggests the administration might be sweeping uncomfortable stories under the rug during an election year. Heaven forbid the headlines disturb their policy paradise!