Speaker Mike Johnson Believes White Privilege is Real and We Need Systemic Change

sitthiphong / shutterstock.com
sitthiphong / shutterstock.com

A few months ago, very few Republican voters would have believed that we would miss having Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House. We’ve all got buyer’s remorse today. It’s our own fault for not doing better research. If GOP voters had known what a squishy little coward and Democrat-in-disguise current Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) was, we never would have supported him as a “compromise” candidate to replace McCarthy when he was ousted.

Johnson was initially opposed to keeping the FBI’s warrantless spying protections in the FISA renewal bill. Most Americans agree that the FBI should have to at least go through the minimum, Fourth Amendment-required step of getting a warrant before spying on us.

The FBI solved that problem by taking Johnson to a “classified briefing” in a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF). As soon as Johnson walked out of that meeting, he did a total about-face and betrayed the American people and the Constitution. The FBI gets to spy on Americans without warrants for at least two more years now.

Johnson betrayed the American voters again when it came to more funding for Ukraine. Corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine will get to line their pockets with another $61 billion in US taxpayer dollars, even though Ukraine has decisively lost the war. Meanwhile, Johnson has accomplished nothing toward securing our borders or curbing the hyperinflation of Bidenomics. (The Ukraine cash will make inflation worse, by the way.)

A video of Johnson has now surfaced online that will make you really scratch your head, wondering how he was chosen as Kevin McCarthy’s replacement. Are you ready for it? You might want to have an air sickness bag handy as you watch this. This is the real Mike Johnson: