The Chinese Have Bought Farms Next to 19 US Military Bases in Huge National Security Threat

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The New York Post reports that communist Chinese entities have been purchasing farmland in the US that is strategically located next to US military bases. Following an exhaustive investigation, the Post says 19 military bases between Hawaii and Florida now have Chinese-owned farms next to them. This represents a huge national security threat to America—and Congress still refuses to act.

The farms are situated next to some of the most important US military installations, including Camp Pendleton in San Diego, MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL, and Fort Cavazos in Killeen, TX. Experts on US-China relations say that these farms can now be used as a base of operations for the Chinese military to spy on our bases.

Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert S. Spalding III says, “These locations can be used to set up intelligence collection sites and the owners can be influential in local politics as we have seen in the past.”

Military experts are worried that under the guise of farming, the Chinese will set up reconnaissance operations, tracking technology, radar, and infrared scanning to keep an eye on our military. The risk of the Chinese flying small surveillance drones over the bases is also extremely high.

It’s bad enough that Congress still hasn’t passed any laws prohibiting the Chinese from buying up farmland in the US. Allowing a hostile foreign power to take over your food supply ranks as one of the dumbest ideas in history, bordering on treason. Will the fact that China is strategically buying farms right next to military bases finally be enough to convince Congress that this is a problem worth acting on?