Turns Out It’s Not Just the Southern Border Setting Records

Pit Stock / shutterstock.com
Pit Stock / shutterstock.com

With all the attention our southern border with Mexico gets, it’s not a huge surprise some people forget we still have illegal immigration at the northern border. Not sharing a land border with other countries, Canada doesn’t make immigration problems at the level we have with Mexico. Through them, we have all of Central and South America, so it’s no wonder Mexico receives more border crossers. Yet now it seems the northern border is setting new highs too.

Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia announced the Swanton section of the border, located in Vermont, was also seeing their highest apprehension of illegals in history. As he shared in a tweet on X (fka Twitter), “Swanton Sector continues to encounter an unprecedented number of undocumented migrants. During the week of April 22nd, Champlain Border Patrol Agents apprehended a total of 220 subjects, the highest number ever encountered in a single week in Swanton Sector history.”

With a sector that also reaches through New Hampshire and even takes in a bit of New York State, it’s a very remote and unforgiving sector of the border to patrol. Loaded with backroads and hidden crossing locations, it’s already very remote. Add in a heavy population of bears and moose, tons of wild-growing food, and rarely used hunting cabins, and they are the perfect hideaway spot for illegals passing through or coming to the US.

This also caps off a milestone for the US-Canadian border. In total, for fiscal year 2023, the American side of the US-Canadian border had nearly 190k encounters. The Swanton sector arrested just under 7,000 between the ports of entry in that timeframe.