Video: Is This the UAP/UFO Briefing That Congress Received?


Members of Congress finally received some type of briefing earlier this year on what the Department of Defense and the Pentagon know about UFOs, or UAPs as they’re calling them now. We don’t know what they were told since the briefing was classified. UFO researcher Corey Goode has put together a talk that he says covers all the basics that were shared with the Representatives.

Goode says the information was shared with him by government whistleblowers who work on various UAP programs with the Air Force, the Pentagon, and other federal agencies. We have no way to verify Goode’s claims in the video below, but he says this is the same information that Members of Congress were given.

Much of the information in Goode’s hour-long presentation aligns with what Tucker Carlson has been saying in recent podcasts. There’s some type of spiritual element to the UFO phenomenon that no one really understands—although Goode tries to tie all the strings together.

Goode says that there are four or five different species of aliens visiting Earth right now, but that only accounts for about 10% of the weirdness that’s out there. The other 90%, Goode claims, is some type of metaphysical parasite that’s trapped on earth with us.

Again, we have no way to verify whether anything Goode is saying is true or not. If it is, we wish the US government would finally just declassify all of it and tell the American people what’s going on. Transparency and honesty are always better than secrecy, lies, and coverups.

Here’s Corey Goode’s presentation of what he says is the same briefing that Congress finally received: