After Failing To Forgive Student Loans, Biden Loses Major Ground With Young Voters

Ben Von Klemperer /
Ben Von Klemperer /

When President Joe Biden ran for the 2020 Presidential election, he made student loan forgiveness one of his top priorities. In his mind, getting rid of the educational debt would help fix the economic problems by passing on that burden to the taxpayers. Seeming like a slam dunk to get him into the Oval Office, he rode that horse, whipped it hard, and ended up in the winner’s circle. The problem is, that horse was stopped dead in its tracks after Biden took office.

Try as he might, both lower courts as well as the Supreme Court have ruled that Biden cannot just blindly grant student loan forgiveness. He has successfully sidestepped those rulings by forgiving smaller chunks of this debt as well as providing focused forgiveness incentives.

Coupled with his support of Israel while the liberals are suddenly turning pro-Palestine following the Hamas-led attacks on Israel on October 7th, his voter base is quickly eroding. A recent survey from NPR/PBS/Marist shows Trump holding on to a one-point lead over Biden in under 45 voters. Meanwhile, Emerson College shows Biden’s lead over Trump with voters aged from 18 to 29 has dropped down to just 10 points. Just months ago, that same poll had him up by 24.

One pollster pointed out the obvious with these results.

“Biden went to war with his own party, went to war with his own donor class, Biden, who went to war with Republicans, fought at the Supreme Court and lost, and still used bureaucratic trickery to cancel a tremendous amount of student debt for a tremendous amount of people. Right? Massive, massive policy giveaway to a group of people really struggling. Watching all these people threaten to abstain over disagreements with Gaza and Israel support has really forced me to question a lot of what I thought about the politics of delivery.”

What this liberal-leaning pollster overlooks, though, is that it’s not just about the delivery. It’s about the entire experience, especially the results. In those areas, Biden has massively failed.