NBC Claims Russia and the Saudis Are Inflating Gas Prices To Make Trump Look Better

xalien / shutterstock.com
xalien / shutterstock.com

Watching the mainstream media twist and contort every stance they can find to fit a pro-Biden agenda since he started running against Trump in 2020 has been rather humorous. One of their biggest pieces has been their continuation of asserting that Trump and Russia are in collusion to take the election. They alleged this in 2016 and even introduced it in 2020. This time, however, they are throwing in the Saudis as well and alleging they are inflating gas prices for Trump’s image.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” host and NBC Senior Business Analyst Stephanie Ruhle set her sights on Russia and Saudi Arabia allegedly cutting their oil production for Trump.

“Over the last few months, one thing he has been pointing to is low gas prices. But, unfortunately, if you look closer, recently, they have been steadily and quietly going up. Now, this is a common thing going into the summer. More people drive more, it pushes up demand, which is normal. But there are other reasons as well, ones that may be more deliberate, even political like Saudi Arabia and Russia continuing to cut oil production until June. And remember, when production is down, prices go up.”

Getting fired up now, she added, “The last thing that President Biden wants or needs is rising gas prices. But do you know who wants them? Saudi Arabia, Russia, and their bestie bestie best, Donald Trump.” Trying to claim that high prices are anyone’s fault but Biden’s, she alleged the US has the highest oil production ever and says overseas companies are forcing that price up.

The problem is the production isn’t up. Hell, it’s not even equal to the surplus we had with Trump in office. Back then we exported more oil than we imported, something we haven’t done under Biden or many other Presidents.