Augusta Teen Criminals Jump Guard and Steal Gun

Ground Picture /
Ground Picture /

Leaving the Burke County Detention Center for the Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center, Corinthian Newton, a 15-year-old, and Brandon Davis, a 14-year-old, saw an opportunity to escape. Standing in their way was Milo Perry, a deputy from Jenkins County. At 1:30 pm, the duo struck with a quick jump and stole the officer’s sidearm, and they pistol-whipped him until he passed out.

According to a Facebook post from the Jenkins County Sheriff’s Office, “The individuals were able to obtain Deputy Perry’s gun, which was used to hit Deputy Perry to render him unconscious. The individuals were able to shoot off 3 rounds in Deputy Perry’s direction. Deputy Perry was NOT shot.” Searching along GA 56 and Knight Road in Burke County, the teens were only 20 miles south of downtown Augusta. Warning residents to lock their doors until they were apprehended, dozens of officers descended on the area to search.

Wearing jumpsuits and cuffs, the teens didn’t stay gone very long, and they were re-arrested around 5 pm. Amid transport for a warrant out of Bulloch County, GA, they have proven to be a popular duo, and for all the wrong reasons. Both originally coming from Millen, GA, about 50 miles south of Augusta, the duo was halfway between home and their next stop on the jail tour they are now on.

A decision to allow these teens to be charged as juveniles may now be out after this prison break, especially after assaulting a guard. This is the kind of action that gets you tried as adults, and if prosecutors are smart, put in prison with them, too. It’s rather obvious they haven’t learned what right and wrong is at this point.