Bill Authorizing Castration for Sex Offenders Heads to Louisiana Governor’s Desk

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Sex offenders in Louisiana may be on the verge of receiving some very bad news. A new form of deterrent has just been passed with bipartisan support in the Louisiana House and Senate. The bill that would authorize the physical castration—with a knife—of some sex offenders now heads to Republican Governor Landry’s desk to be signed into law.

Louisiana already allows the chemical castration of certain sex offenders. This new law, however, should add an extra level of terror to the sentencing of these horrifying monsters.

The surprising thing about this bill is that it was proposed by state Sen. Regina Barrow, a Democrat. Most Democrats want to move toward legalizing pedophilia these days as part of the “trans rights” movement. This bill is definitely a step in the opposite direction.

Once the bill becomes law, judges can apply the sentence to any adult offender who rapes a child aged 13 or under. Once the offender serves their prison sentence, they have to submit to surgical castration with a knife. If they refuse to submit to the procedure, they can be kept in prison for contempt of a court order for an additional five years with no hope of parole or early release.

The bill passed 29 to 9 in the state Senate and 74 to 24 in the House. If Gov. Landry does sign the bill into law, it will only apply to sex crimes that happen on or after August 1, 2024.

What do you think? Should more states follow suit by castrating sex offenders? Or should states dispense with jail sentences for pedophiles entirely and just execute them for their crimes?