Florida Man Arrested After Phone Tips Off Cops That He’s In Business Ceiling

Zastolskiy Victor / shutterstock.com
Zastolskiy Victor / shutterstock.com

A Florida man, sought by authorities, was apprehended on Saturday after inadvertently revealing his hiding spot in a business ceiling through the sound of his ringing phone, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua Garrett, 38, faces charges of resisting arrest and felony criminal mischief following the incident.

Deputies were initially called to a disturbance near US 98 North and Duff Road in Lakeland, Florida. Upon arrival, they were informed that Garrett, the individual causing the disturbance, had already left the premises. Further investigation revealed that Garrett was wanted for a probation violation stemming from previous convictions for burglary, providing false information to a pawnbroker, and trafficking stolen property.

The search led deputies to a business where Garrett was employed. They confirmed his entry into the building but found no evidence of him leaving. Despite an initial search yielding no results, deputies noticed several displaced ceiling tiles and subsequently heard a ringing phone above them.

Upon investigating the noise, deputies observed a hand protruding from beneath the insulation. The sheriff’s office humorously noted on Facebook, “Thankfully, the hand was attached to a body – Garrett’s – and not just some random disembodied hand. That would have taken this situation into a whole other direction.”

Garrett was extracted from his hiding place and taken to the Polk County jail. His actions in the ceiling resulted in approximately $1,000 in damages, leading to the additional charges.