In 2024, Women’s Sports Bars Need To Be a Thing?

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Liberals across the nation consistently try to tell us that we need to be more inclusive and that we need to accept that everyone can do everything. We try to do that, but it’s never enough for them. Instead, they persistently push themselves away and claim they need to have specific things for themselves. Now, that includes sports bars.

Aptly named suds buckets like A Bar of Their Own in Minneapolis and The Sports Bra in Oregon are springing up nationwide. Showing and promoting women’s only sports on their TVs, these bars are a haven for female sports enthusiasts, and they are proud of it. Jillian Hiscock opened her A Bar of Their Own in March after failing to find a bar showing the 2022 University of Minnesota’s softball team playing in a softball tournament on ESPN.

“I was just so frustrated in that moment that for these athletes that had worked so hard to get to this level of competition that a place 2 miles from their campus wasn’t highlighting them.” Putting her money where her heart is, she claimed “I just knew that, like me, there were lots of women’s sports fans in Minneapolis and in the surrounding area that have tried for years to find women’s sports on TV and not get them.”

What she fails to understand is simple. The US and North America don’t have the leagues for professional women’s sports or the fan base to support them. These teams take hundreds of thousands to get off the ground, and that’s before a single uniform is donned. Therefore, there haven’t been audiences for them. This hasn’t been a thing pre-2020, and it doesn’t need to be now.

Open a bar where the food is hearty and the drinks cold and strong; people will show up. Choose to throw sports up on the 5+ TVs, and you can call yourself a sports bar. Make it a themed sports bar, and it’ll have to be damn good when that theme isn’t playing. Given how short the WNBA and softball seasons are, they won’t have many options nine months a year unless it’s replays.

Ideas like this usually tank after 36 months, but if the liberals are truly going to put their money where their mouth is, perhaps the women’s sports bars will have a chance. We’ll see.