LA Robbery Goes Off Without a Hitch; $30 Million Vanishes

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Hurst Photo /

Making things disappear without a trace is something every thief dreams of. Making off with $30 million while leaving the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the FBI scratching their heads is a crowning achievement.

According to LAPD officials, they broke through the roof of a GardaWorld facility in Los Angeles, CA, and escaped through a secondary hole they made in the side of the building. Sidestepping the alarm system, not a single alert was raised when the crime was committed, and nothing was reported until workers showed up the next day. So far, nobody has been arrested, nor suspects identified. Coming just less than two years following a $100 million heist of jewels from a semi-truck, this crime was more intelligent.

GardaWorld gathers daily cash transactions for multiple locations in the area. Despite being charged with securing millions of dollars for major companies, they seemingly lack the capability to keep their facilities secure. As a corporation, their trucks are frequently seen at stores and ATMs nationwide. Losing $30 million like this is horrifically shameful and leaves the companies who had trusted them incredibly worried.

One employee for the company told ABC 7, “It’s just mind-blowing that you would never suspect it. 30 million in the Valley, gone. How? Why? I’m still trying to process it. Was it an inside job? Was it just one person? Was it a group? You know, there’s a lot of questions.” This employee nailed it, too. There are more questions than answers, and they aren’t just with the robbers or the company itself.

Instead, the questions are about how nobody noticed this happening. People are curious about how the alarms were bypassed. How were such big holes made without anybody hearing them or seeing them? Then there’s also the question about insurance. Did they have it for the cash they had on hand? If so, will it pay out given how lax the security seems to be?

For now, these questions and many others will go unanswered.