Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul Jr. Skates on Federal Charges for the SEVENTH Time

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Having a last name like Clinton or Biden or Obama or Pelosi or Schumer can be very beneficial if you live in America. It means that you will never be convicted of a federal crime, no matter how many crimes you have allegedly committed. Just ask Paul Pelosi Jr., who skated on federal charges for the SEVENTH time in his adult life this month.

In this latest debacle, the son of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was a 20% owner in a notorious San Francisco “flop house.” The building has a checkered past that involves multiple code violations and crummy living conditions.

Paul Jr.’s partners who co-own the building are a couple named Bill Garlock and Gina Rodriguez. In a pattern that keeps repeating itself in Paul Pelosi Jr.’s life, his business partners are now going to federal prison for serious crimes, while federal prosecutors always seem to ignore the member of the partnership whose last name is Pelosi.

Garlock and Rodriquez pleaded guilty in federal court to wire fraud and money laundering. They were accused of duping investors into giving them a million dollars to renovate the flop house but then spent the money on their own lavish lifestyle. For some reason, Paul Jr. skated on any charges in the case.

Paul Jr. also escaped any charges involving the same building in 2021. A building inspector and a permit expediter both went to federal prison on bribery charges. No charges for Paul Jr., even though he was listed as one of their clients in the indictment.

In multiple other cases, Paul Jr. has skated on charges involving multi-million-dollar schemes that defrauded and ripped off investors. In every case, Paul Jr.’s unlucky business partners have been imprisoned when they were caught. Two-tiered system of justice, anyone?