Tyson Hires 84K Migrants a Year in Proof That Illegals are Stealing Jobs

Ralf Liebhold / shutterstock.com
Ralf Liebhold / shutterstock.com

When we talk about illegal immigration, one complaint from the political right is usually that it is costing hard-working Americans their jobs. And while some may see this as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, Tyson Foods just proved it correct.

As you have likely noticed, companies from all over the nation have been forced to make personnel cuts in recent months, thanks to Joe Biden’s not-so-booming economy. But unlike most, Tyson isn’t just laying off workers and closing up shop.

Instead, they just announced that they plan to actually expand their workforce, just not with Americans.

As the Daily Mail reported, Tyson is in the process of laying off a whopping 1,300 hard-working American citizens in their meat and poultry plants located across the nation. Plants in Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, and, the hardest hit, Iowa, will all see workers without jobs in the very near future.

Meanwhile, the company just announced that they will begin offering $16.50 an hour to New York workers, along with immigration lawyers.

If that doesn’t prove their intent, nothing will.

Of course, it’s not like they are trying to hide it. In fact, the company’s leader of social efforts, Garret Dolan, admitted that they would “like to employ another 42,000” illegals “if we can find them.” According to company records, its workforce of 120,000 already includes 42,000 illegal migrants.

And now, they want to double that number.

Now, of course, the company says that the newly hired migrants will be working in positions with a high turnover rate, ones that Americans don’t really want. But isn’t that always the argument for hiring more illegals?

Besides, you can’t say that you are only hiring illegals to fill jobs that Americans won’t take right after you lay off thousands of them.

And that’s precisely why the conservative action group America First Legal is seeking legal ramifications.